Long Term Travel Medical Insurance to Mexico

Needing a long-term international travel medical plan for your stay in Mexico?

Long-term plans are international medical plan which provide coverage for 6 months or longer.  Typically for work assignments abroad, international students or global families who spend much of the year outside of their home country.

The plans come in two forms.  Either individual and family plans for the individual and any dependents who will also need coverage.  There is also the employer group international medical plan which is for 2 or more employees working and living abroad.

The “Group” plans are very easy to get started, and proof of payroll is not needed.  Independent contractors and third country nationals qualify for group plan coverage as well.

Individual and family plans will have limited medical underwriting, which means the company will review your current and past health status.  If a person is generally pretty healthy without any major issues, in most cases the applicant will be approved.

Pre-Existing Conditions & Exclusions  (please read)

Group plans are guaranteed, regardless of health status.

Coverage provides very comprehensive benefits regardless of where you are working, living or traveling.  Most coverage’s include 100% coverage.

Doctors and Hospitals:

Most “quality” international medical insurance companies have set up and established contracted doctors and hospitals worldwide. Cigna for example has over 1,000,000 medical providers available to it’s members worldwide.  Also with these doctors who are contracted, the insurance company will pay them directly for your services so you don’t have to come up with the money.

Why International Medical?

  • Access to our network of trusted hospitals, physicians and other
    healthcare professionals.
  • The flexibility to tailor a cost-effective plan to suit their individual needs.
  • Making sure our Customer Care Team is always available to speak with you day and night.
  • The reassurance of our experience in delivering international healthcare.

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Long Term Travel Medical for Work or Living Abroad

Long Term International Travel Medical plans for long-term work or travel come in many different forms.

A long term plan is typically going to be 6 month or longer, even up to permanent policies.  Some companies will design their policy as a comprehensive package providing coverage for most needed areas such as, hospital, outpatient, rx, surgery, physical therapy, lab and x-ray and more.


Other policies you may want to look at are called “modular” policies. They offer optional benefit modules so your can design the policy that makes most sense for you and the location you will be living in.  It starts with a core module which is not optional.  It includes; hospital, surgery, maternity, cancer care and chemotherapy or radiation, MRI, CT Scans and other radio-logical services, ambulance and pshych services.

Optional modules are: outpatient care, emergency evacuation, wellness and dental/vision.

The module style policies are quickly becoming  very popular because of the flexibility.  For example you may be working or living in a country where you can receive outpatient care equivalent to $30 or $40 per visit. In this case the outpatient module may not be necessary.

I will always recommend “emergency evacuation” services to be included in your policy.  This may be a life-saver for you or a family member.  If you are injured or become ill and the local medical services are not capable or prepared to care for you properly, the “evacuation” service will fly you to a different location, maybe a different country or even back to your home country for care.  This is very important coverage to always be included in your policy, long or short term, for work, study, vacation or cruise. Please include it.

Claims is another area of vital importance.  Most international Travel insurance companies approve your policy but will “investigate at the time of claim.”  During the investigation they will determine if the claim is caused by a pre-existing condition or not.  If they believe it is, they will deny the claim, if they do not think it is from a pre-x, the claim is paid.

The problem here is, many companies leave this area very open and can consider almost anything pre-existing. (See below)

Both GeoBlue and Cigna Global will review the enrollment before approving the application.

A company that does a little medical review when the enrollment is submitted will usually either accept your application in which case they will not review for pre-existing conditions at the time of claim.  Or they will exclude a pre-existing condition for 6 months.  At least with this type of policy, you are much more certain what is going to be paid and what is not.  If the company does not issue any waivers for pre-existing conditions, you can be certain you will not have claims denied because the company considers them pre-x.

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