GeoBlue Voyager Short Term Travel Insurance

GeoBlue International Travel Health InsuranceGeoBlue Short-Term International Travel Medical Insurance. Providing global travelers with comprehensive worldwide coverage coupled with access to qualified doctors and hospitals in over 180 countries.


  • GeoBlue Voyager “Short-Term” plan (Quote) coverage for 2 days up to 6 months.
  • GeoBlue Xplorer “Long-Term”  (Quote) 6 months up to permanent policies. If you are looking for long term coverage click here to view the Xplorer plan benefits.


The GeoBlue Voyager is considered a short-term plan, offering international medical coverage for a few days up to 6 months.  The Voyager is ideal for business travel, vacations, visiting relatives, students and cruise trips.

Rate Chart:  The premiums below are per day.

GeoBlue Voyager:

Requirements for an insured person:  An insured person must be under age 85, and enrolled in a Primary Plan; and Home Country is the U.S.: and for children under age 6, must be enrolled with a parent; and initial purchase must be made in home country prior to departing on trip.

Primary Plan is a Group health benefit plan, an individual health benefit plan or a governmental health plan designed to be the first payer of claims for an insured person.  If Medicare is the primary plan, see the Certificate of Coverage to determine how this plan will pay benefits.  Note: Medicaid and VA benefits are not deemed a primary health plan.

Trip Coverage Period Start Date:  For a scheduled trip to a foreign country, the insured person’s coverage starts when he/she boards a conveyance at the start of the trip.

Trip coverage period End Date:  coverage ends: (1) for a scheduled trip to a foreign country, when the insured person alights from a conveyance at the completion of the trip; or (2) if the insured person is covered under the Medical Evacuation Benefit, upon the insured person’s evacuation to his/her home area.

Treatment Received from Foreign Country Providers:  Benefits from services and supplies received from foreign country providers are covered.  The insured person may seek the assistance of GeoBlue in locating a provider.

Network of GeoBlue Doctors and Hospitals Worldwide:

GeoBlue has an elite network of doctors from most every specialty ready to see you in over 180 countries. Only a small fraction of doctors around the world meet GeoBlue’s exacting standards—participation is by invitation only. We seek out professionals certified by the American or Royal Board of Medical Specialties who speak English, and we factor in recommendations by over 158 Physician Advisers from all over the world.

GeoBlue Travels with you It’s a worldwide, all-access pass to an exclusive level of care. Use your mobile device to quickly and conveniently connect to quality care across the globe for anything from emergency needs, to filling a simple prescription, to translating your symptoms, to finding the right doctor at home or abroad.

Traveling Far from Home:

You are now halfway around the world, maybe in a part of the world which you are not familiar with how to access health care.  This is why you need a partner to help you along the way if your suddenly encounter a serious illness or accident.

Questions you should ask yourself:
  • How do you access care?
  • Do you go to the public clinic or hospital, or are the private doctors a better choice?
  • How do I find the right doctor?
  • How do I communicate if the Doctor or staff do not speak my language?
  • You are taken to an unfamiliar facility after an auto accident, what now?
  • A terrorist attack, or bombing while sitting in a cafe, what if I’m hurt?
Why Choose GeoBlue:
  • U.S. license and admitted coverage.
  • Cashless access to the best provider networks inside and outside the U.S.
  • Choice of deductible options – waived for office visits.
  • $30 office visit copay – reduced to $10 outside the U.S.
  • 100% coverage for doctor visits, hospital services and X-ray and lab.
  • Pre-existing conditions exclusion waived with prior creditable coverage.
  • No waiting period associated with preventative services.
  • No exclusion for specified conditions in the first 6 months.
  • No pre-certification penalty imposed.
  • Sports and alcohol related injuries covered.
  • GeoBlue has been providing international medical and travel insurance to citizens of all countries since 1993.
  • 24 hour Assistance services ready to assist in locating proper medical care when you are traveling away from home.

geoblue mobileGreat Technology at your FingertipsGeoBlue Voyager Travel Insurance company has some interesting and useful applications you can use on any mobile device.  Quickly and conveniently connect to quality care across the globe for anything from emergency needs, to filling a simple prescription, to translating your symptoms, to finding the right doctor at home or abroad.

With a few simple taps, get detailed profiles of carefully selected primary care physicians and specialists, as well as a broad range of hospitals, pharmacies, even dentists-where you are, when you need it. Review qualifications, make an appointment, and get directions, right from the App or a mobile device.  Plus, proof of coverage is always at your fingertips, ready to show and share with providers. Mobile Assistance is backed 24/7 by our toll-free assistance line.

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