International Medical for Individuals and Families

Individual and family International Health Insurance coverage for long-term work assignments, global families, study abroad or anyone looking for comprehensive medical coverage here in the states and anywhere else in the world.

Policies include prescriptions coverage, annual deductible options ($0 – $5,000), international evacuation coverage, hospital, outpatient Dr visits, lab & x-ray coverage and much more for you and your family while here in the states or outside our borders.

CUSTOM QUOTE:  Simply email or text me the; ages, resident country, destination country and desired start date.  I will then email or text you the plan quotes for your convenience (mobile: 916-240-6422).


For an Individual or Family who needs international medical insurance coverage, you will find two different policy types.  Short term for any type of international travel, a couple days up to 6 month.  The other policy type is for long-term travel, employee foreign assignments, international student coverage, expatriates and global families.

Even if you live in a different location from your family, one policy will cover the whole family regardless of where you are worldwide, including U.S. coverage.

Pre-existing conditions & exclusions:

Short-Term & Long-Term:

  • Short-Term policy – a full coverage medical policy available for a few days up to 6 months. Short-term policies offer guaranteed enrollment regardless of your current or past health status.
  • Long-Term policy – 6 months up to a permanent policy. Long term policies will require limited medical underwriting for approval.

Global medical insurance you take with you regardless of where you are working, living, studying or traveling worldwide. Domestic health insurance plans are simply not designed to provide adequate coverage outside of their borders.


  • Individual – For individuals and family coverage.
  • Group – 2 or more employees, contractors or third country nationals working & living abroad.
  • Student  Inbound or Outbound (Student Visa’s) High School, Jr, College, College & University.


Example:  Long-Term plans:

Extensive networks of contracted global doctors, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care professionals who meet western medical standards.  Search for doctors and hospitals on your “App,” also fill a prescription while abroad, and communicate with your concierge service department with minor situations all the way up to needing an Emergency Medical Evacuation.  Also, in most situations, your international company will pay the doctor/hospital direct so you don’t have to.

Comprehensive Plans for: expatriates, employees on foreign work assignment, contractors, students and any person or family living and working abroad.

Typically plans are categorized as “short-term or long-term.”  How long do you need coverage? A couple weeks, a month, a year, maybe a permanent policy.  An Expatriate medical policy is considered a long-term policy.  Longer than 6 months and in force for as long as the member requests or needs the coverage while abroad.  One person .. a family .. or employee(s) working abroad.

An employee on a foreign work assignment, or family members who are not on the employees policy. Maybe the policy is for someone who wishes to live abroad for several years.  Or the family who works, lives and plays between several different countries each year.

One of the problems with U.S. Medical Policies … is they are simply not designed to work with the international medical communities.  If you need immediate medical attention, your domestic health insurance company will not have any advice, direction or help.  You are on your own when outside the U.S.  Unless you have in place an International Health insurance policy, who is available 24/7 to assist you during all of your medical situations and concerns.

Third Country Nationals … may also have trouble finding quality and flexible medical benefits while working and living away from your home country.  You may not fall within your company benefits plan because your residency is from one country, your employer is from another country and you are working and living in a third country.  This can fall outside of the employers ability to enroll you in their medical benefits plan.  Or the plan they wish to enroll you in provides very limited benefits in the country you are living in, and provides no access to qualified network doctors and hospitals.

The Answer … An international medical insurance policy from GeoBlue Worldwide or Cigna Global.  Both premier companies specifically designed to provide global medical insurance to the Expatriate working, living and traveling abroad.  Both have a vast network of global doctors, hospitals and specialists in over 190 countries.  With a 24/7 multilingual assist line to a live person who is there to help you regardless of where you are in the world.

geoblue mobileGreat Technology at your FingertipsGeoBlue Travel Insurance company has some interesting and useful applications you can use on any mobile device.  Quickly and conveniently connect to quality care across the globe for anything from emergency needs, to filling a simple prescription, to translating your symptoms, to finding the right doctor at home or abroad.

With a few simple taps, get detailed profiles of carefully selected primary care physicians and specialists, as well as a broad range of hospitals, pharmacies, even dentists-where you are, when you need it. Review qualifications, make an appointment, and get directions, right from the App or a mobile device.  Plus, proof of coverage is always at your fingertips, ready to show and share with providers. Mobile Assistance is backed 24/7 by our toll free assistance line.

Long-Term Global Medical Plans are Available to:
  • Expatriate – US employees on assignment in a non-us country.
  • Inpatriate – Employees from a non US country on assignment in the US.
  • Third Country National – Non US employees on assignment in another non US country.

All three types of plans offer you freedom to visit a doctor or medical facility of your choice without a referral, anywhere in the world.  Coverage levels and payment responsibilities vary among the three plan you are enrolled in.

Are you being hired as an “independent contractor” on assignment outside of your employers typical working locations?  Your employment status and location doesn’t fit in the usual employment benefits case … Are you contracted through a company subsidiary and not offered employee benefits because of logistics?  Do you need US coverage included with your International medical plan, or will you only need coverage outside the U.S.?  These are all questions which need to be answered.

All Global Medical insurance companies are not created equal ..

Some provide U.S. coverage along with their international policies, while other don’t.  Some companies provide coverage if injured as a result of a terrorist act, others don’t.  Some companies pay for pre-existing conditions while others will not or have long exclusion periods.  Some companies pay doctors and hospitals direct so you don’t have to pay while others don’t.  Some have mobile phone / device technology allowing you to search for doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, others don’t.

Cigna Global                         GeoBlue

CUSTOM QUOTE:  Simply email or text me the; ages, resident country, destination country and desired start date.  I will then email or text you the plan quotes for your convenience (mobile: 916-240-6422).

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