Cigna Global International Health Insurance

Individual, Family and Employer Plans.  Comprehensive medical insurance plans for anyone working, studying, traveling or living outside of their home country.


Cigna Global Medical Plans Explained … Cigna Global Health Plans help you create a health insurance plan that’s tailored for individuals and families, employer groups and international students.  Cigna Global is built on “coverage modules” which you can pick and choose to better design a policy which fits your needs while living and traveling abroad.

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I can quote it for you: Simply email or text the; ages, resident country and destination country.  I will then email or text you the plan quote options (mobile: 916-240-6422).

CIGNA Starts with the “CORE MODULE”

The “Core Module” which is mandatory, includes; hospital, radiology (MRI, CAT, Pet scans, X-Ray etc), cancer treatment, surgery, maternity, psychology inpatient and outpatient, medical equipment and much more.


  • Outpatient Care module
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation module
  • Health & Well Being module
  • Dental & Vision module

Great flexibility when designing your own International Medical Policy for your unique needs.

Core Coverage

4 plan:  Close Care, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  The primary difference between the plans is they all have different levels of “Annual Benefits” and the Close Care and Silver Plans do not include Maternity coverage.

Annual Benefit Amounts:
  • Close Care … $500,000
  • Silver … $1,000,000
  • Gold … $2,000,000
  • Platinum … Unlimited

You can view the benefits in the chart below.  Core Modules include ; inpatient, day care surgery and accommodation costs, in addition, treatment for psychiatric care and cancer care including chemotherapy and radiation.

Core Module:


  • Deductible Options:  $0 / $375 / $750 / $1,500:   The Deductible is the amount you must pay for medical services before any claims are paid by your plan.
  • Cost Share Percentage:  0% / 10% / 20% / 30%
  • Out of Pocket Maximum: $2,000 / $5,000

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Cost Share is the percentage of each claim not covered by your plan.  The Out of Pocket Maximum is the maximum amount of cost share you would have to pay in a period of cover.  The cost share amount is calculated after the deductible is taken into account.  Only amounts you pay related to cost share contribute to the out of pocket maximum.

Optional Benefits:

Cigna Global Health Options helps you create a health insurance plan that’s perfectly tailored for the needs of you and your family by offering you the reassurance of comprehensive core cover, and the flexibility of additional modules to build a plan which fits your needs.

Take control of your own heath.  The Cigna International Health & Wellbeing module helps you proactively manage your health before you fall ill.  It allows you to manage your health in your own way with cover for screenings, tests, examinations and other wellbeing activities.  Screen against disease, tests against common illnesses and get reassurance with routine physical exams.  Also benefit from dietetic consultations, counseling support and our online health education program.

International Outpatient Coverage:

Some members decide not to choose this optional benefit package.  Only because their location allows theme to receive prescription drugs, lab/x-ray services and doctor visits at a very reasonable price. Others find the “outpatient coverage package” too valuable to do without.  International Outpatient covers you comprehensively for outpatient care which includes specialist consultations, prescribed outpatient drugs and dressings, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and much more.  All cancer treatments including chemotherapy are included in “Core Benefits.”  Outpatient Surgery is also included in “Core.”

Emergency Medical Evacuation:

International Medical Evacuation provides coverage for reasonable transportation costs to the  nearest centre of medical excellence in the event that the treatment is not available locally in an emergency. This option also includes repatriation coverage, allowing the beneficiary to return to their country of habitual residence or country of nationality to be treated in a familiar location.

International Health and Well Being:

International Health and wellbeing covers the member for screenings, tests, examinations and counselling support for a range of life crises and tailored advice and support through our online health education and health risk assessment, helping the beneficiary to take control and manage their health the way they want.  During each policy period of cover we will pay for the following tests to be carried out by a medical practitioner.

International Dental and Vision:

International Dental and Vision pays for the members routine eye examination and pays costs for spectacles and lenses.  It also covers a wide range of preventive, routine and major dental treatments.

The Cigna Global difference …

Cigna Global has worked in International health insurance for more than 30 years.  Today, we have 60 million customer relationships around the world.  Looking after them is an international workforce of 30,000 people, plus a network of more than 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and health and wellness specialists.

Our full-time, clinical team is led by physicians.  We have years of experience in dealing with varied and unique situations worldwide.  Our vast experience means we provide high standards of healthcare, regardless of where you are in the world.

Employer Plans:

Cigna Global offers several Employer Group Health options for their International and Multi-national employees.

You Expect the best from your employees on assignment in another country.  And they expect the same from you.  That’s where Cigna Global Health insurance for employees on international assignment for more than six months.  Cigna offers the high-level coverage they expect … and then some.

You have employee expatriates and third country nationals working in other countries. You want them to have easy access to quality health care around the world.  Cigna Global provides superior claims handling, 24/7 member services to talk to a live person to help with your situation. In addition one of the larges international doctor, hospital and pharmacy networks available.

When it comes to international health care benefits, you have high expectations.  And Cigna does it’s best to exceed them.  Cigna’s Employer Global Health plans go beyond health benefits and can be tailored to what your company needs.

Cigna Global employer plans

Benefits to be aware of …

      • Inpatient, Outpatient, Prescriptions and much more.
      • Access to the world’s largest health network – more than 1 million doctors and hospitals across the globe.
      • Fully compliant plans.  We are experts in helping choose or design globally compliant solutions that are cost-effective and comprehensive.
      • 24/7/365 access to our Service Center and in-house team of international doctors and nurses.
      •  This innovative website is loaded with features that help you manage your benefits and help your globally mobile employees get the answers and care they need.
      • The option to speak with a counselor about mental, emotional and general life issues through the international Employee Assistance Program.  Help is available anytime.
      • Quick claims payments.  More than 90% of clean customer claims are paid in 10 days or less regardless of language or currency.
      • A success rate of nearly 100% in establishing guarantees of payment on behalf of customers to doctors and hospitals around the world.
      • Additional “above and beyond” services that include remote second opinions from the Cleveland Clinic, international pharmacy fulfillment, and much more.

No matter what you choose, your globally mobile employees will be covered virtually wherever they go.  Even if they get relocated.  And to make the return home less stressful – for you and them – they’ll have a period of time where their Cigna Global plan covers them at home.

You’ve Got Options … In addition to our global health offerings, you can add dental, long-term disability, life and evacuation / repatriation coverage.  Create the ultimate benefits package by adding all of them, or pick and choose what’s best for your company.

Evacuation / Repatriation … If an emergency strikes, our evacuation / repatriation policy ensures that your employees get transported to a facility that can handle their needs.  This optional benefit is payable at 100% and has no deductible.  Medical coverage is required for this optional benefit.

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No Cost Help … there is no charge for my services.  The insurance companies provide a fee for me to help with coverage options, enrollment and service.

Questions or custom quote?  Call or email anytime.

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