Cigna Global International Medical Insurance Plans

Cigna Global has three long-term International health insurance plans for your global travel needs (Individual & Family).

Living, working, studying or playing.  The Silver, Gold and Platinum plans provide the comprehensive global coverage you should expect, coupled with access to more than 1 million international medical doctors, hospitals and other providers wherever you may be.


Cigna Global has provided international health insurance for over 30 years.  Today we have over 70 million customer relationships in over 200 countries and jurisdictions.  Looking after them is an international workforce of 31,000 people, plus a network of more than 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and health and wellness specialists.

Optional Benefit Modules (Below)

When a person or family enrolls in a Cigna Global plan there are optional “Benefit Modules” available to fit your needs.  More information here.

Why we are different … Our customers choose us because only Cigna gives them all of the following:

  • Access to our unparalleled network of trusted hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • The flexibility to tailor a cost-effective plan to suit their individual needs.
  • The convenience and confidence of Cigna customer care.
  • The reassurance of our experience in delivering international healthcare.
  • Globally compliant healthcare plans.

Why Cigna Global?  Here are a few reasons:

  • The quality of your local country’s healthcare system does not meet your standards or needs.
  • Or, even if you are able to find good quality local healthcare, it’s too expensive.
  • You find the local healthcare system confusing or a struggle due to language or cultural barriers.
  • Your country of residence requires you to have international private medical insurance.

What you can expect from Cigna Global: Comprehensive welcome pack … Once you have joined Cigna, we will send you your essential policy documents electronically within 24 hours.  You will then receive a full welcome pack in the mail a few days later.  Inside you’ll find your:

  • Customer Guide – how your plan works and your guide to the benefits.
  • Certificate of insurance – a record of the plan you chose, plus what and who it covers.
  • Policy rules – the terms and conditions of your policy in one handy booklet.
  • Membership Card – proof of your identity and cover for when you need treatment.
  • Claim Forms – ready for when you need to make a claim or amend your policy in any way.  When you receive your pack, make sure you check the details of your policy on your certificate of insurance and keep your membership card in a safe place – you’ll need to show it when you require treatment so your doctor knows who you are (it’s not used for payment).  It also has all the contact numbers you’ll need.

Simple and quick claims process .. When you need treatment, simply call our Customer Care Team and they will help you find a high quality hospital or doctor near you.  wherever possible, we will pay them directly, saving you the inconvenience of paying for your treatment yourself and claiming a refund later. On the rare occasion you do pay for treatment yourself, we’ll aim to reimburse you within five working days of receiving your claim form.  The Customer Guide in you’re welcome pack will tell you everything you need to know about getting treatment and making a claim.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

John Conner

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Spain Long Term Travel Medical Insurance

Planning a long-term trip to Spain, don’t forget your International Travel Medical insurance.  Spain has become one of the hot spot vacation destinations with terrific beaches, nightlife, food and adventure.

Nikki Beach, Sky Lounge or maybe Experimental Beach?  Want to get into a bit more nature?  Don’t forget about Sea Salines National Park or The Nature Reserve of Es Vedra.

Looking for the VIP lifestyle, you’ll want to stay in Ushuaia Towers or the Villas, both offering ocean views and the pampering you deserve.

A work assignment, extended vacation or studying abroad. A couple of weeks, a month or several years, hopping from one great location to the next, be sure to take along a GeoBlue Travel Medical plan to pay for the unexpected.

GeoBlue and Cigna Global international medical both offer long-term International Medical Insurance plans which provide not only very comprehensive coverage while abroad but also access to an elite network of doctors from almost every specialty ready to see you in over 210 countries.

Only a small fraction of doctors around the world meet our standards – participation is by invitation only.  We seek out professionals certified by the American or Royal Board of Medical Specialties who speak English, and we factor in recommendations by over 158 Physician Advisors from all over the world.

Below is an example of three Long-Term International Medical coverage options:

Optional Coverage Modules:


  • Ideal for International employees, contractors, global families, leisure, education, missionary or business travel.
  • Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles.
  • Trips of 6 months to permanent for all ages.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical evacuation.
  • Does not require an underlying health plan.
  • Hospital, outpatient, Rx, Mental health, medical evacuation, maternity and much more.
  • No hospital pre-certification penalty.

Enjoy your trip whether it is for pleasure, work, study, vacation or retirement.  But be sure to include an International Travel Medical plan for yourself and family.  Domestic health insurance provides very limited and typically NO coverage at all when traveling outside the U.S.  And Medicare offers NO coverage outside the U.S.

Please contact me anytime with questions.  There are many plan designs for different situations.

John Conner

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Long Term Travel Insurance to South America

Long Term Travel Medical Insurance for your work assignment, coverage while at school or for your family who will be living part of the year or permanently in South America.

Employees, Global Families, Contractors and Students all need long-term travel medical insurance if working, living or studying outside of your home country for longer than 6 months.  Short term plans are considered less than 6 months.


Employers sending 1 employee or contractor, maybe several, or even hundreds abroad for long periods of time benefit from the benefits, global doctor network and member service access which is 24/7/365.  So you are never alone when working or traveling in a foreign land.

Pre-Existing Conditions & Exclusions  (please read)

Coverage for South American Countries:

Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay

You and your family in two countries:

Do you work in one location and your family members live in another part of the world?  Certain global medical plans are designed to properly cover you and your entire family with one policy, even though you are in two different locations.

Some international medical companies will not be able to accommodate you with a single comprehensive policy.  Many have limitations and flexibility issues. So be careful and ask plenty of questions before you choose what is right for yourself and family.

What good is insurance if you can’t find a doctor you can trust?
Companies like Cigna and GeoBlue provide all the tools an expatriate needs to manage health and safety risks, including finding the right doctor and clearly communicating your medical condition.

Around-the-Clock Assistance Call Center:

Cigna and GeoBlue maintain a 24/7/365, toll-free call center to assist
members with everything from routine requests to medical emergencies. HTH staff has years of experience with international medical assistance and has close working relationships with its International Provider Community.

Some services are included, others are available to add to your health plan:

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Global Wellness programs
  • Life insurance
  • Pharmacy management
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • International Employee Assistance Program services
  • Dental and vision insurance

Contact me anytime with your unique situation.

John Conner

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Long Term Travel Medical Insurance to Mexico

Needing a long-term international travel medical plan for your stay in Mexico?

Long-term plans are international medical plan which provide coverage for 6 months or longer.  Typically for work assignments abroad, international students or global families who spend much of the year outside of their home country.

The plans come in two forms.  Either individual and family plans for the individual and any dependents who will also need coverage.  There is also the employer group international medical plan which is for 2 or more employees working and living abroad.

The “Group” plans are very easy to get started, and proof of payroll is not needed.  Independent contractors and third country nationals qualify for group plan coverage as well.

Individual and family plans will have limited medical underwriting, which means the company will review your current and past health status.  If a person is generally pretty healthy without any major issues, in most cases the applicant will be approved.

Pre-Existing Conditions & Exclusions  (please read)

Group plans are guaranteed, regardless of health status.

Coverage provides very comprehensive benefits regardless of where you are working, living or traveling.  Most coverage’s include 100% coverage.

Doctors and Hospitals:

Most “quality” international medical insurance companies have set up and established contracted doctors and hospitals worldwide. Cigna for example has over 1,000,000 medical providers available to it’s members worldwide.  Also with these doctors who are contracted, the insurance company will pay them directly for your services so you don’t have to come up with the money.

Why International Medical?

  • Access to our network of trusted hospitals, physicians and other
    healthcare professionals.
  • The flexibility to tailor a cost-effective plan to suit their individual needs.
  • Making sure our Customer Care Team is always available to speak with you day and night.
  • The reassurance of our experience in delivering international healthcare.

Need help comparing plans?  Feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

John Conner

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Cigna Global International Medical Insurance Santiago Chile

cigna global logoMoving to Santiago Chile for work, study or play?  Take along the Medical protection you need with Cigna Global International Medical Insurance.

Chile stretches along South America’s western edge with an extremely rich geography characterized by the stunning views of the Andes, ocean scenes, forests, mountains suitable for ski resorts and vast lands destined for vineyards and fruit plantations.

This guide will help you prepare for your expat experience in Chile. We’ll cover the basics like language and culture, to visas and schooling; to provide you with a general understanding of life in your new adopted home nation. This guide will also help educate you how to respond to health emergencies while spending time working abroad. This is a new and exciting time for you, so let us fill you in about everything you need to know before your arrival in Chile.

The job market … Chile’s economy has been growing since its devastating earthquake in 2010. It is now one of the fastest-growing economies in South America. Jobs as an English teacher, employment in salmon farming, forestry, mining, construction and nursing are very common, but it is helpful if you speak fluent Spanish.

Cigna Global …

Cigna Global Expatriate plans for long-term work assignments, schooling or simply to live,  Cigna Global’s Silver, Gold or Platinum plans provide the health benefits for anyone living abroad for any amount of time.

With Cigna Global you have access to over 1 million doctors, hospitals and specialists worldwide.  These contracted doctors have been thoroughly screened to meet the high standards set forth by CIgna’s provider network department.

Optional Modules:


  • International Health insurance for: Individuals, families and employees.
  • Global Health Insurance for anyone, living, working, studying or vacationing worldwide.
  • Leader in helping international expatriates, multinational employees, global families, students and travelers to identify, access, and pay for quality health care anywhere in the world.

International Health Insurance policies ranges from a few days to permanent coverage. Short-Term plans are typically considered less than 6 months and Long-Term or Expat plans are 6 months and longer.  Both offer very comprehensive benefit options and allow you to see global contracted doctors along with non-contracted doctors.  24 hour customer service, emergency evacuation, hospital and outpatient services, prescription, office visits, physical therapy, maternity and many other services and coverage’s you enjoy while working, living, studying or traveling abroad.

Both include 24/7/365 “concierge” services for any issues or emergencies.  Translators are also available to discuss your situation in the local language of the medical doctors, staff and hospitals to expedite care and treatment.

It’s a worldwide, all-access pass to an exclusive level of care. Use your mobile device to quickly and conveniently connect to quality care across the globe for anything from emergency and hospital care, to outpatient doctor visits, lab and X-Ray to filling a prescription, translating your symptoms, showing proof of insurance and finding the right doctor wherever you may be worldwide.  Call me today and I’ll help with your situation right over the phone.

Chile Quick Facts …

Capital: Santiago de Chile
Population: ≈ 16,000,000
Major languages: Spanish
Major Religion: Christianity
Currency: Chilean Peso: US $1 = 525 Pesos
Time zone: UTC-4
Emergency numbers: Ambulance: 131, Fire: 132, Police: 133
Electricity: 220-240v. Plugs are three round pins in a line
Drives on the: right

Chile Health Information…

Healthcare Services

High Quality Care Availability Fair
Emergency Services Responsiveness Fair
Pharmacy Reliability Good

Environmental Risks

Water Quality Med Risk
Air Quality Med Risk
Infectious Diseases Med Risk
Visas …

Chile is one of the easiest countries to obtain a visa or residency.  All visa applications can be made by post once you arrive in Chile.  you do not need to find a job or obtain a visa prior to your visit to Chile.  you also will not need to leave the country to obtain your visa.  There are a number of visa categories, but the most common are:

Investor Visa … This visa is for individuals who want to make an investment or establish a local business.  A business plan must be presented to Chilean Immigration authorities.

Retiree Visa … Obtainers must show that they have enough money to survive in Chile from a pension or regular income.  There is no official amount stated by authorities, but it would be safe to say that it must be at least, if not more, than the Chilean minimum wage.

Rentista Visa … Similarly to the Retiree Visa, you must be able to show that you have enough of an income to survive in Chile.  This income can from investments such as rent from real estate, social security, long-term contracts, interest income and annuities.

HealthCare … The healthcare and dentistry system in Chile are exceeding in quality and often surpass the standards of both Europe and the US. Medical care is much cheaper than the US, but independent care is highly recommended. There is no provision for free healthcare for foreigners; you must be working and paying local taxes for that privilege. Many medicines can be bought without prescription.

Private Medical Insurance … While health insurance is essential for any expat, private medical insurance is often a preference of some expats. Chile offers many different profit and non-profit private health insurance companies, known as ISAPREs, but they tend to be higher in price.

Emergencies … Chile has ambulances, police and firefighters available day and night. The emergency numbers are as follows:

Ambulance: 131

Fire: 132

Police: 133

  • Long Term  (6 months or longer)  including permanent plans:  Global families, Expatriates, Multinational Executives and Employees, extended vacations etc.
  • Short-Term  (few days up to 6 months)  Vacations, business trips, short term global travel.
  • Students  International Students – Inbound to U.S. or Outbound.
  • Vacation Insurance  Medical coverage with; trip cancellation, trip delay, lost/damaged luggage, cancelled vacation reimbursement.


Please contact me anytime with questions.

John Conner

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Stanford University International Student Medical Coverage

All Stanford University students must have medical insurance while enrolled.  Many will choose Cardinal Care, which is insured through Health Net, and while on Cardinal Care you must first visit Vaden Health Center and if you need a physician, they will refer you to one of the available doctors contracted with Health Net.

Many International Students opt-out of Cardinal care and enroll in an International Medical Insurance plan such as GeoBlue which allows you to not only go to Vaden Health Center, but also Stanford Hospital the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Menlo Clinic, along with most every Bay Area Hospital and medical facility.

The freedom to choose your own doctor or hospital through out the Bay Area, the State of California and across the U.S.


The GeoBlue annual premium will be approximately $220 per month depending on the annual deductible you choose.  Cardinal Care is nearly $5,000 for the 12 month policy.  GeoBlue will provide much more flexibility when seeing doctors and hospitals of your choice along with a more comprehensive benefit structure.  Please see the brochure for more details.

Appointment Scheduling and Direct Pay— Paperless, Cashless, Convenient.
Using the web, the telephone or a web-enabled cell phone, members can request appointments with doctors and hospitals who participate in GeoBlue’s International Community. When making appointments,
GeoBlue arranges to pay the doctor or hospital directly. GeoBlue even waives the deductible if a member sees a participating physician. In the U.S., simply show your ID card at the time of service.

Around-the-Clock Assistance Call Center:
GeoBlue maintains a 24/7, toll-free call center to assist GeoBlue members with everything from routine requests to medical emergencies. The GeoBlue staff has years of experience with international medical assistance and has close working relationships with its International Provider Community.

GeoBlue International Student Advantages:
  1. U.S. licensed and admitted insurance company.
  2. Cashless access to the best provider networks inside and outside the U.S.
  3. Choice of deductible options (waived for office visits).
  4. $30 office visit copay (reduced to $10 outside the U.S.).
  5. Coinsurance waived for care outside the U.S.
  6. Pre-existing conditions exclusion waived with prior creditable coverage.
  7. No waiting period associated with preventative services.
  8. No exclusion for specified conditions in the first 6 months.
  9. No pre-certification penalty imposed.
  10. Sports and alcohol related injuries covered.
GeoBlue Travels with You:

While traveling across the globe with the GeoBlue mobile app, you can quickly and conveniently find and access quality care using your mobile device. If you travel back to your home country or anywhere else while on holiday, you will be covered with GeoBlue.

Enroll today … or contact me anytime with questions.

John Conner

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GeoBlue International Student and Faculty Health Insurance

GeoBlue International Travel Health InsurancePrivate Medical Insurance plans for anyone Studying in; elementary school, Private or Public High School, Jr. College or adult college and universities.

Student medical coverage for U.S. Inbound or Outbound.  F-1 and J-1 Visa eligible policies.  Comprehensive Global medical insurance cover for the student studying outside of their home country, along with access to qualified physicians and hospitals in over 190 countries.  Protect yourself against unforeseen accidents and illnesses.

More than 20 years as a leader in international healthcare
  • International Medical coverage for the global student.
  • International Students studying in the U.S.
  • U.S. Students studying abroad.
  • Hospital coverage, doctor visits, prescriptions, lab & X-ray, psychiatric care, emergency room, surgery, preventive services, check ups, and much more.
  • Access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield network .. Members will stay safe and healthy while in the United States with access to over 92% of physicians and 96% of hospitals.
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • 24/7/365 member assistance services.
  • Access to qualified doctors, hospitals and specialists worldwide.

International Student Plans are best for:
  • Students, scholars, and faculty members who are engaged in international educational activities while living outside their home country.
  • High School students attending a public or private school in the U.S. or abroad.
  • JR. College, University and Post Graduate students.
  • Coverage is designed to meet the U.S. F-1, F-2 and J-1, J-2 visa travel insurance requirements.

When global students pursue their global studies they will feel secure in the knowledge that they can access quality medical care when and where they need it. Global student health plans are comprehensive, competitively priced and come with vitally important health information and concierge-level medical assistance services.

Emergency Medical Evacuation …

This is very important coverage and should be included in all international plans!  Domestic health insurance and workers compensation does not provide coverage for emergency air evacuations.  Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation is;

  1. Your medical condition warrants immediate transportation from the place where you are located (due to inadequate medical facilities) to the nearest adequate medical facility where medical treatment can be obtained.
  2. After being treated at a local medical facility, your medical condition warrants transportation with a qualified medical attendant to your Home Country to obtain further medical treatment or to recover.


Please call anytime with questions or for more information.

John Conner

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