Employees Working Abroad Medical Insurance

The global workforce is now the accepted norm in the 21st century. Companies reaching farther and farther away from their headquarters is the typical corporate approach for both micro multinationals and large multinationals.

This can place your employees on foreign assignment under higher incidence of exposure to risk. This is why it is recommended that businesses ensure that their employees are adequately protected with the right global medical insurance policy to cover every eventuality.

Emergency Medevac …

Emergency medical evacuation insurance is essential when sending employees to work in remote, underdeveloped or high-risk regions of the world.

Local services may not be adequately available or to far for ground transport.  Every employer has a certain responsibility of duty of care when their employee is working for them abroad.

A corporate traveler is mostly safe in places like Hong Kong or Canada, although an offshore worker in Africa, many areas of the middle east, or Indonesia could be in serious trouble if they suffer from a serious illness or accident and has neither proper coverage nor access to good assistance services.

On your own will you be able to coordinate a medevac?  Are you able to pay up front for the very costly emergency transport services?  it’s essential that the employer offer comprehensive international medical coverage while on their assignment abroad.

Heart problems, long term illnesses and complex fractures are among the most common medical ailments at the source of private repatriations, according to CEGA, with demand spanning areas as diverse as southern Asia, the Caribbean and mainland Europe.

“We are getting requests from all over the world – ranging from straight forward road journeys and scheduled flights with medical escorts, to intensive care air ambulance transfers that necessitate full medical management, complex travel arrangements and hospital admission.”

Types of Group Plans …

There are typically two types of Global Group Medical plans for employees. Short-term business trips – The company adds up all of the days of international travel and the number of employees who traveled, including multiple trips per year.  The other is the expat style plan which is considered a long-term plan for the employee on foreign assignment for longer than 6 months.  This policy can also continue for several years.

Affordable Care Act and Global Workers …

Under the Affordable Care Act, U.S. citizens working abroad must maintain “minimal essential coverage” (MEC) health insurance or risk facing a tax penalty.  Although if the employee is working outside the U.S. for at least 330 days over a 12 month period, they are considered to have met the MEC requirement.

For short term international policies you will need to continue with the domestic health plan to satisfy the Affordable Care Act MEC. Long Term plans you will need to anticipate the amount of time the employee will be outside the U.S.

There are many risks when traveling abroad that need to be addressed …
  • Who can assist, and who do you contact if you have a serious injury or illness.
  • Kidnapping and extortion of executives and employees, international students, and vacationing family members including children continues to be a growing global trend regardless of where you are.
  • Finding access to quality care, if an emergency strikes.
  • Crisis management – you need a team of experts to intervene and move in to organize your care, coordinate transportation needs and respond to critical issues during an emergency.
  • U.S. Group health insurance, Medicare or Workers Compensation do not provide any of these services to you or your family when outside the U.S.

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EB-5 Visa International Health Insurance

When applying for an EB-5 Visa, having an international health insurance policy in place will benefit you even after the Visa is issued.

International health plans allow you to use a much larger network of doctors in the U.S.  Most U.S. Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) plans have become very restrictive with their networks of doctors and hospitals. Some traditional PPO plans have become EPO plans which provide no coverage with out of network services.

GeoBlue …

During the EB-5 process, if you have a choice in medical plans, your best choice will most likely be a GeoBlue International Health Plan.  GeoBlue allows you to see any Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor or hospital throughout the U.S.  It also provides coverage when seeing doctors who are not contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

After the EB-5 Visa is issued, and your work responsibility has you traveling outside the U.S. for several months, the International Health plan will cover you worldwide regardless of your location.  There will be no need to apply to new plans or cancel them when re-entering the U.S.

There is also no time limit on how long you can keep your GeoBlue International Health plan for you and your family.  Once issued, the policy is annual renewable, again, wherever you are worldwide.

Great coverage and great access to U.S. and global medical care.

If you are entering the U.S. from China, Europe, South America or other parts of Asia, the option of having an international medical policy for yourself and family will provide the freedom to utilize your medical policy wherever you are, with no delay when traveling from one country to another.

GeoBlue App …

mobile-appReview doctor profiles with the GeoBlue App. Locate medical facilities or fill a prescription.  Send the doctors office your ID care and review translated medical terms, schedule and appointment and view your medical records.  All available on your tablet or smart phone.  This is a global app, so use it anywhere!

Don’t be stranded by your Medical Insurance Company. GeoBlue Worldwide coverage for individuals, families, contractors, and employer groups for multinational companies.


  • Individual – Short-Term & Long-Term plans
  • Group – 2 or more employees – guarantee issue.
  • Student – Individual and Group Plans.
  • Vacation – Medical coverage, vacation costs, lost luggage, etc.
  • Kidnap Ransom & Extortion – Corporate plans and or family policies.

blue-cross-blue-shield-global-logoHere are examples of a long term policy:


For Example, if you are from China, and have an EB-5 Visa, your GeoBlue policy works here in the U.S., it works as well when you are in China, and also works very well when in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Viet Nam or any other Asian country, regardless of how long each stay is.

Family members are also covered on your GeoBlue policy.  Even if you are living in the U.S. and your child is going to school and living in another location or country.

There are many risks when traveling abroad that need to be addressed.  
  • Who can assist, and who do you contact if you have a serious injury or illness.
  • Kidnapping and extortion of executives and employees, international students, and vacationing family members including children continues to be a growing global trend regardless of where you are.
  • Finding access to quality care, if an emergency strikes.
  • Crisis management – you need a team of experts to intervene and move in to organize your care, coordinate transportation needs and respond to critical issues during an emergency.
  • U.S. Group health insurance, Medicare or Workers Compensation do not provide any of these services to you or your family when outside the U.S.

Why is Global Health Insurance so critical for international travel?  First and foremost is access to hospital and doctor care. When you need care, emergency or non-emergency services, you need a plan backed by a company which is recognized or verifiable worldwide.  Most countries require either proof of local medical insurance or international medical insurance coverage.  Also, standards of hospitals and clinics vary greatly from country to country.

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GeoBlue Trekker Multi Trip International Medical

GeoBlue Trekker is designed to provides travelers with comprehensive international health and accident  insurance for multiple trips throughout the year.  An unlimited number of international trips up to 70 days for each international trip.

The Trekker Multi-Trip is an annual insurance policy used by individuals, families and employees. One policy for 12 months, covering you for an unlimited number of international trips.

  • Annual Premium:  $175 – $265

The annual premium is also a big reason for it’s popularity, for individuals up to age 50 the annual premium is only $175 for the annual policy.

GeoBlue Trekker is an annual international medical policy covering anyone who travels globally multiple times per year.


Insurance – Even if you are already enrolled in a health plan, your coverage is limited when you travel abroad. In fact, your plan may not pay to have you safely evacuated if you are critically ill or injured.
Information – Where do you turn to learn which hospitals and physicians meet your standards? Keep up with breaking news about health and safety threats?  Translate key medical terms and brand name drugs?

Access to quality care – How do you find western trained, English-speaking doctors with the appropriate skills?  How do you arrange a convenient appointment?  Each GeoBlue Trekker policy includes broad, deep and reliable Global Health and Safety Services easily accessed through the web or our toll-free customer service center.

GeoBlue Trekker Classic

Money Back Guarantee:

We are so confident in our products that we offer the best guarantee in the business!  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, notify us in writing indicating your desire to cancel.  If you have not departed on your trip before the date of the communication, you will receive a full refund.

Why Choose GeoBlue Trekker?

Strength of a U.S. Insurer – Underwritten by 4 Ever Life Insurance Company, rated A- Excellent by A.M. Best. 4 Ever Life is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
Better Coverage – Our plans have met the standards of state regulators and feature coverage more generous than plans sold as “off-shore” surplus coverage by foreign, non-admitted insurers. FOr example, our plan covers every trip taken, up to 70 days in length, in addition, we do not impose pre-certification penalties for hospitalization. Lastly, we provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and injuries related to a terrorist act.
A Better Kind of Care – Global travelers can leave home feeling confident that a trusted source of care is available at a moment’s notice – no matter what town, country or time zone. Travel anywhere knowing that if your health is a concern, getting good care is not.

Trekker Coverage Start Date – The insured person’s coverage under the GeoBlue Trekker plan for a trip during the period of insurance starts for a scheduled trip to a Foreign Country, when the insured person boards a conveyance at the start of the trip; and notwithstanding the foregoing, no coverage is in effect for a trip unless the insured person is scheduled to spend at least 24 hours away from home.

Trekker Coverage End Date – The insured persons coverage under this plan for a trip ends for a scheduled trip to a Foreign Country, when the insured Person alights from a conveyance at the completion of the trip; and in no event will coverage for a trip extend past the Maximum Trip Coverage Period of 70 days.

Choice of Hospital and Physician

Nothing contained in this plan restricts or interferes with the Eligible Participant’s right to select the Hospital or Physician of the insured person’s choice.  Also, nothing in this plan restricts the insured person’s right to receive, at his/her expense, any treatment not covered by this plan.

Access to an Elite International Provider Community

Outside the U.S. – GeoBlue has a network of doctors that includes almost every specialty you may need in over 180 countries.  Only a small fraction of doctors around the world meet GeoBlue standards – participation is by invitation only.  We seek out professionals certified by the American or Royal Board of Medical Specialties who speak English, and we factor in recommendations from over 140 Physician Advisors from all over the world.  Then we assemble in-depth profiles so our members can choose with confidence, and we put formal contracts in place to ensure patient access.  Once they’ve seen you, GeoBlue doctors bill us directly so you don’t have to file a claim.

Use the App:

Find doctors worldwide, fill a prescription, forward your ID card, view translations, where are high risk areas, understand what immunizations you need for the visited country, and much more.


Emergency Evacuation and Centers of Excellence

GeoBlue coordinates emergency services with a worldwide network of contracted Physician Advisors as well as air ambulance operators selected for their safety records. Members in need of life-saving medical intervention are treated in Centers of Excellence in the U.S. and around the world whenever possible.

Around the Clock Assistance Call Center

GeoBlue maintains a 24/7, toll-free call center to assist GeoBlue members with everything from routine requests to medical emergencies.  The GeoBlue staff has years of experience with international medical assistance and has close working relationships with it’s international provider Community.

GeoBlue Travels with You

While traveling across the globe with the GeoBlue mobile app, you can quickly and conveniently find and access quality care using your mobile device.

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Human Resources with International Employees

Your human resources department can dramatically improve the coverage and protection of their global employee(s) who are working outside the U.S.

International medical insurance is specifically designed to provide access to screened and qualified physicians and hospitals worldwide.  Along with a comprehensive medical policy to meet your hospital, outpatient, lab, rx maternity and emergency medical evacuation needs while on your foreign work assignment.

When traveling abroad for business, a trip can be disrupted by a medical emergency, a lost prescription or instability in a foreign country

  • Medical … Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a trip can be disrupted by a medical emergency, a lost prescription or instability in a foreign country.
  • Prescription drugs … and replacement medicine for lost prescriptions that are medically necessary.
  • Dental … emergencies for an accident to sound natural teeth or alleviation of sudden unexpected dental pain.
  • Evacuation … in case employees require immediate medical attention and adequate facilities are not locally available.
  • Personal travel … when it’s taken in combination with the employee’s business trip.
  • Medical care for family members … that are traveling with the employee.
Quick and easy claims process
  • Approximately 73% of all MBA claims are paid directly to the health care professional
  • Online claims submissions
  • More than 90% of customer claims are paid in 10 business days or less, regardless of language or currency
Dedicated phone line with around-the-clock service
  • Global service center available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • For questions about MBA plans and help finding an appropriate health care professional or facility
  • Access to our clinical team for assistance with medical appointments, hospital admissions or medical advice


Have employees traveling longer than 99 weeks? Call me for more info.

No administration or enrolments; employer simply purchases a block of weeks and allots to travelling employees

Cigna Global Health Benefits

Unique expatriate and business travel solutions

  • Underwriting  –  no pre-ex exclusions, no stability clause, no age caps.
  • + 1 Million Global Medical Provider Network – assured quality, discount agreements, direct pay with Cigna card.
  • Compliance – license base in 30 countries = immigration and tax advantages.
  • Cigna Staff on the ground across the globe – doctors, nurses, client management, admin.
  • Health and Wellness Solutions – HRA, Pre-Departure Risk Management, International EAP.
  • Cigna Envoy – mobile app, country guides, provider search, translation tools.
  • Global Leader – trusted insurer to 76% of Fortune 50 companies.
You have employees working in another country

You want to be confident that they and their families have access to quality health care wherever an assignment takes them. With Cigna Global, they will have easy, reliable access to one of the largest networks of health care professionals across the globe—one of many reasons Cigna Global Worldwide Advantage 2 to 20 may be the perfect plan for you.

First, let’s work together to see if it’s the right choice
  • Do you have employees going on an assignment for six months or more in a 12 month period?
  • Does your company have at least 30 employees?
  • Will at least two employees be working on global assignment?
You’ve got options.

In addition to our health offerings, you can add dental, long-term disability, life, dependent life, accidental death and dismemberment, and evacuation/repatriation coverage. Create the ultimate benefits package by adding all of them. Or pick and choose what’s best for your company.

No matter what you choose, your globally mobile employees will be covered virtually wherever they go worldwide.

Please call anytime with questions.

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blue-cross-blue-shield-global-logocigna global International Travel Health Insurance



Micro Multinational Company International Medical Insurance

The nimble, aggressive and relatively new, Micro Multinational company are embracing the current international medical insurance concepts for their global employees.

For employees who are on longer foreign assignments, modernized global health plans are necessary to keep up with the transient culture of our workforce.

The forward thinking international medical insurance carriers have global contracts with doctors, specialists, medical groups and hospital facilities in over 190 countries.  Coupled with mobile phone and tablet app’s which allow you to view doctor profiles, make appointments, download and forward you ID before the visit, fill prescriptions, translate common medical phrases, view regional and area common contagious illnesses and diseases.  View politically unstable parts of the world and see if you are near modernized medical care if you were to become ill or injured.

Traditional group health provides no help, advice or guidance while you are abroad.  Also, they are not able to help during an emergency, such as coordinate care, provide translators, help with risk management or med-evac you to a suitable hospital or country for care.

Some international medical companies are similar to Micro-Multinational companies in that they are nimble in their work space, forward thinking, aggressiveness in their specialized market and involved heavily with tech.

Be careful which company you use, some are undervalued and have a propensity to deny claims, others will underwrite at the time of claim and may determine the pre-existing condition is not covered.  While others are pro’s in their market and perform the way you feel they should.

The last thing a company needs is for an employee or employees for feel stranded, far from home if an emergency strikes.

Micro Multinationals depend on their quality global workforce when expanding their footprint, product and brand to other parts of the globe.

Short-term and long-term work assignments are necessary to establish the crucial relationships with foreign governments, cities, partner companies and vendors in the regions of the world for your desired expansion.

International Medical Insurance …

  • Comprehensive medical coverage worldwide
  • 24/7/365 member services hotline
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Hospital, outpatient, Rx, lab & x-ray, Dr. visits, maternity, dental, etc.
  • Crisis management services during emergency situation
  • Direct pay to doctors + hospitals so the employee doesn’t have to.
  • Access to over 1 million physicians and other medical provides worldwide
  • Unlimited annual and lifetime benefits

Micro-Multinational + International Medical = Happy Employee

Are independent contractors and freelancers part of your company makeup? That’s O.K, we have programs to serve the contractor, freelancer, third country national or any other situation or combination of your workforce

The confidence your employee will feel knowing they are covered with a comprehensive worldwide medical policy that follows them wherever they may be around the globe.

A case of the flu, maybe you need a vaccination, or sprained your ankle and need to get it checked out.  Need to refill a prescription .. no problem, we have you covered.  How about an annual physical or screening .. covered.  And the more serious situations also have you covered .. broken bone, surgery, appendicitis, car accident, heart attack or cancer treatment.

Who do your global employees call with medical issues?  HR or their group insurance company?  What if it’s late at night or on the weekend or holiday.  Will the group health customer service department be open, or even be able to help if they do?  Of course not.

Protect your company, protect your employees … with a comprehensive policy from Blue Cross Blue Shield Global, Cigna Global and GeoBlue.

Many companies are full of bureaucracy, procedures, and approval processes. The Micro Multinational is typically streamlined, quick to more and make decisions, much like the quality international medical insurance companies. Always innovating and looking for a more nimble approach to serving their customers.

Please contact me anytime with questions, I’m here to help with your unique situation.

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blue-cross-blue-shield-global-logocigna global International Travel Health Insurance




Nano Multinational Company International Health Insurance

Nano Multinational Companies with an International Health insurance plan in force for their global employees are a step ahead.

Companies with a Global mindsetthey think across borders and have the confidence to innovate.  The same mindset must be maintained with the safety and care of their employees while traveling, working and living abroad.

Nano Multinationals are innovative and forward thinking, which can also be said for international health insurance companies.

  • Tech Savy
  • Global mindset
  • Agile
  • Innovative

Nano Multinationals … often capitalizing on their ability to move quickly. In the past it was difficult for smaller companies to expand as they needed to understand local regulations and market dynamics, as well as identify new partners.

information was not readily available. Over the last 10 or 15 years, technology has made information and connections more readily available, and easier to acquire. Allowing companies the ability to research online and network across borders more easily. “If opportunities in a home market are hard to come by – international expansion offers greater opportunities for a companies products and operations.

Globalization has made it both easier and more attractive for smaller firms to operate internationally, rather than just domestically – whether that means establishing physical operations in overseas markets, sourcing goods from suppliers around the world or selling into foreign markets.

International Health Insurance …

With companies expanding their operations abroad, the employees who are working in foreign lands are put at greater risk for illness and or accident.  Unfamiliar with the town, city or country they are working in. Driving laws, local languages and cultures, regional illness or disease, medical practices, where is the nearest quality care if sick or injured.

All of these can lead to uncertainty.  What if a crisis occurs, who do you contact?  Will your group health company answer an international phone call?  What if you need help late at night or on the weekend. Will they answer then.  Of course not.

International health insurance is specifically designed for the global traveler. One person or an employer group plan of hundreds of employees.

It starts with …

  • A very comprehensive global medical plan, providing benefits that rival the best domestic health plans.
  • 24/7/365 access to member services for simple questions up to managing a crisis situation. Always available regardless of where you are worldwide.
  • Technology … the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet allows you to review doctors and hospitals in your area of the world, order prescriptions, schedule a doctors appointment, download a copy of your ID card and much more.
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation … if you are severely ill or injured, your international coverage will air transport you to the nearest hospital which can properly treat and care for your condition, often times to a different country or back to your home for care.  Domestic health insurance does not offer this coverage.

Human Resources (HR) don’t let your employees feel stranded by their domestic insurance when they are global.  International health insurance – a few days or several years.  Proper coverage for the employee, executive, contractor or owner.

A couple companies I recommend:  Blue Cross Blue Shield Global, and Cigna Global, both provide excellent coverage, service and have been working in the international community for decades.


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cigna global International Travel Health Insurance


Human Resources HR and Group International Health Insurance

Human Resource (HR) department will usually have access to either Group or Individual International Health insurance plans for their employees who are traveling, working or living abroad.

Domestic group health insurance leaves your employees far too vulnerable with the lack of coverage and benefits and too many non-covered services when outside the U.S.

Start a Group Plan …

To start an International Group health insurance policy, you need at least 2 global employees. Regardless of the total number of employees, a group plan can start with just a couple employees who are working abroad.

GLOBAL MEDICAL COVERAGE … Wherever your Employees are Worldwide.

When an emergency strikes, does your policy provide “emergency medical evacuation?”  Repatriation?  Can your employees fill prescriptions or visit a doctor for non-emergency services?  Can they reach their plan carrier after hours or on the weekend?  Of course not.

Example of International Group Medical benefits …



With access to the leading global networks, employees can easily get the care they need without unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. Within the U.S. members have access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield network which includes 92% of all physicians and 96% of all hospitals. Outside the U.S. members have access to trusted care though the GeoBlue network in 190 countries. GeoBlue has a rigorous process for evaluating and contracting with medical providers that is unparalleled in the international insurance industry.

International Benefits:
  • Deductible Options: $0, $250, $500, $1,000, 5,000
  • Unlimited annual and life time limits.
  • Co-Insurance: 100%, 90%, 80%.
  • Hospital – Outpatient – Maternity – Rx – Lab/X-Ray – Dr. Visits – Mental Health – Cancer Care.
  • Dental – Vision.
  • High Income Disability

Your HR Department knows, there are many risks when traveling abroad that need to be addressed.

  • Who can assist, and who do you contact if you have a serious injury or illness.
  • Kidnapping and extortion of executives and employees, international students, and vacationing family members including children continues to be a growing global trend regardless of where you are.
  • Finding access to quality care, if an emergency strikes.
  • Crisis management – you need a team of experts to intervene and move in to organize your care, coordinate transportation needs and respond to critical issues during an emergency.
  • U.S. Group health insurance, Medicare or Workers Compensation do not provide any of these services to you or your family when outside the U.S.

Crisis Management policies are available to individuals, families or company executives and employees. For higher limit policies Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) policies can be obtained.

Typical Group Health coverage provides:
  • No Emergency Evacuation or Repatriation coverage.
  • No Crisis Management during an emergency.
  • No coverage due to Terrorism.
  • No Evacuation coverage because of natural disaster.
  • No 24/7/365 member support.
  • No coverage for outpatient care, Rx, maternity, lab etc.
  • International medical Insurance provides this and so much more.

Contact me anytime with questions or a proposal for your company.

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