International Medical Insurance – Emergency Medical Evacuation

Emergency Medical Evacuation is one of the critical coverage’s.

A medical emergency strikes … You are working outside the U.S., and are injured in a car accident .. or you wake up in the middle of the night extremely ill.

Who do you call, where do you go, what do you do next?

Will you need long term treatment?  Are there quality medical facilities near? If not what then?

Will your domestic carrier help?

Can you get in contact with your domestic carrier?  If so, will they tell you where the nearest modernized medical facility or hospital is in; Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East or any other part of the world?  Do you need an Emergency Air Evacuation to a medical facility, maybe to a different country or even back home for care. Will you domestic group health plan pay for this?  Of course not.


If an illness or injury is severe, commercial airlines may not allow you on the plane.  In order to return home for care you will need a medical transport which is very costly. This is not covered with domestic insurance, but is covered with most travel insurance policies.

If the nearest medical facility is unacceptable, will your domestic health insurance air evac you to an appropriate medical facility, or to a different country for care?  Can they coordinate care, use translators or approve a surgery on your behalf?  NO they can’t, and No they won’t.  What if it’s after hours or on the weekend, maybe it’s an extended holiday?  Will they even except your call … What now?

Don’t be stranded by your domestic health insurance carrier.  They may be a quality health insurance provider here in the states, but once you cross the border, they are simply not equipped to do what is needed.

Quality International Health Insurance companies like GeoBlue and Cigna Global specialize in this very diverse, global medical environment.  They are experts in navigating the global medical landscape. They understand and are prepared to work with the hundreds of medical systems and languages currently in place around the globe.

You’re not alone …

A 24/7 365 day a year concierge service is available whenever and wherever you are.  A live person answers the phone and will assist you through your situation.They understand how difficult traveling, living and studying abroad can be when a medical issue arises.

Stranded in the Wilderness … Need a helicopter rescue in the mountains, or a long distance air transport accompanied by medical personnel to a different country or even back to your home country for care.  What about critical care ground transport to quickly move you to the proper care center or hospital.

Is it Covered?  If you are lucky, the emergency “Ground Transport” will be covered by your domestic health insurance, but that is not always the case.  Unfortunately the emergency “Air-Transport” services are NOT covered services with U.S. health insurance.

International Health Insurance … covers you for for Emergency Evacuation, hospitalization, outpatient doctor care and many other medical services while living working, studying or traveling abroad.  Often times the plan has a zero deductible with 100% coverage.

Emergency Medical Evacuation … Is included in all GeoBlue Worldwide global medical policies and provides 24 hour, 7 days a week access.  No matter where you are in the world, and in need of emergency or non emergency care, you will have a team of professionals working to help you with your medical care worldwide.

You may be on a holiday cruise in the Caribbean, or a safari in Kenya, hiking in the in the Andes, working on an oil platform in Nigeria or studying in China.  Regardless of where you are, if you need medical help, our International Health Insurance team of specialists will coordinate services to help with; language barriers, locating quality care, providing great coverage and transporting you to the quality hospital you deserve.

Medical Emergency Abroad … If you are experiencing a medical emergency abroad and need air transport, with one call, your International Health Insurance company will coordinate and arrange all of your transportation and medical care needs.  With only domestic health insurance you will be responsible for arranging everything from a “field rescue” to the ground ambulance transports from the hospital to airport, and airport to hospital.


John Conner

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