Employee Medical Coverage while Working and Living Abroad

What do you do when an emergency strikes while working or living abroad?  A car accident or sudden illness. Do you speak the language or can you understand the medical personnel?  Is surgery required?

There are so many moving parts to receiving proper care while in another country. If it’s over the weekend, will your HR department answer your call or email?  Your group health carrier isn’t even open over the weekend or evenings.

What if you are taken to a medical facility that is not up to western standards?  The doctor is telling you that surgery is needed, but you are very uncomfortable about the care you are receiving.

Business Travel Accident falls short of proper coverage.  Limited illness or outpatient or Rx coverage.

Work Comp falls short when caring for an employee while abroad. Emergency evacuation coverage to name one very important international coverage. Reimbursement is also a requirement. Some international hospitals won’t even allow you to enter without proof of high limit credit cards or an international medical insurance card.

Domestic health insurance basically stops at our border.  Reimbursement is only available if the insurance company agrees the service was an emergency situation, if not … no coverage.  Also emergency evacuation is not covered. Plus they are unable to help coordinate care for you.

All the above typically do not provide 24/7/365 member phone access to speak to a consultant who specialized in helping and advising you during your time of need.

International Travel Medical Insurance … on the other hand is specifically designed to protect with comprehensive coverage during emergency and non-emergency situations anywhere in the world.

Emergency medical evacuation and transportation to another city, country or back to your home country for care.  Hospital, outpatient, surgery, Rx, physical therapy, dental and vision coverage.  Dr. visits, 24/7 member services, mobile app to help with locating a doctor, filling a prescription, proof of insurance, medical terms in dozens of languages and much more. Plus you have a team of specialists available 24 hours a day to help you or take over and help coordinate proper care if you are unable to communicate or if there is a language barrier.

Companies like GeoBlue and Cigna Global are experienced international medical insurance providers who are experts in the global medical community regardless of the country you are located.  Every country has different laws, rules and guidelines one must follow in order to receive care.  GeoBlue and Cigna, are leaders in the multinational medical landscape.

Individual or group international medical coverage for anyone traveling, living, working or studying abroad.

Please feel free to contact me for more information regarding your situation.

John Conner

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Author: John Conner

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