Employees Working Abroad are they ACA Compliant

Are your U.S. employees who work and live abroad ACA compliant?  U.S. employees and expatriates working and living abroad must contend with the Individual Mandate Penalty.

If the employee is able to keep their U.S. coverage the 1% household penalty is not assessed.  In most cases the U.S. insurance company will cancel the “individual or family” policy if your intent is to move away from the U.S. even if for only a few month.

If the U.S. coverage is not kept in force and the employee is not outside the U.S. for more than 330 days, the 1% of your annualized income will be assessed.  If the employee is outside the U.S. for more then an accumulated 330 days in a 12 month period … no geoblue group planspenalty.

Keep your International Employees ACA Compliant. If you have 2 or more employees who are inbound or outbound, the GeoBlue International Group health plans are ACA compliant for your employees, for short as well as long-term work assignments.

GeoBlue offers individual and group options for employees traveling abroad or inbound Visa employees and contractors both short as well as permanent plans.  100% coverage if you choose, fill your prescriptions, see doctors and specialists, emergency room coverage and hospital care.  Maternity and psychiatric coverage is also included.

All paid directly by GeoBlue, so your employees don’t have to pay up front and deal with keeping all of the receipts and reimbursement after they return to the states.

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Don’t be let down by your domestic carrier.  They are not designed for or prepared to work with international health care providers, translators, International med-evac companies, different currencies orgeoblue group expat benefits cultures.

GeoBlue also provides 7/24/365 member concierge phone access to a live person who will assist in all aspects of you medical care and access while inside and outside the U.S.

Multiple short trips abroad, a long-term work assignment or a permanent work location. International Medical insurance makes living and traveling abroad “easy” when medical care is needed.

Finding a pre-screened physician, a bout with the flu, filling your prescriptions, a sprained ankle, a bad back, communicable diseases, injuries from a car accident, urgent care and admission to a hospital or medical evacuation back to the states for care.

Pre-Existing Conditions & Exclusions

Make sure you keep your employees ACA compliant and avoid the penalty. International medical plans for individuals and employer groups.

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