EB-5 Visa International Health Insurance

When applying for an EB-5 Visa, having an international health insurance policy in place will benefit you even after the Visa is issued.

International health plans allow you to use a much larger network of doctors in the U.S.  Most U.S. Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) plans have become very restrictive with their networks of doctors and hospitals. Some traditional PPO plans have become EPO plans which provide no coverage with out of network services.

GeoBlue …

During the EB-5 process, if you have a choice in medical plans, your best choice will most likely be a GeoBlue International Health Plan.  GeoBlue allows you to see any Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor or hospital throughout the U.S.  It also provides coverage when seeing doctors who are not contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

After the EB-5 Visa is issued, and your work responsibility has you traveling outside the U.S. for several months, the International Health plan will cover you worldwide regardless of your location.  There will be no need to apply to new plans or cancel them when re-entering the U.S.

There is also no time limit on how long you can keep your GeoBlue International Health plan for you and your family.  Once issued, the policy is annual renewable, again, wherever you are worldwide.

Great coverage and great access to U.S. and global medical care.

If you are entering the U.S. from China, Europe, South America or other parts of Asia, the option of having an international medical policy for yourself and family will provide the freedom to utilize your medical policy wherever you are, with no delay when traveling from one country to another.

GeoBlue App …

mobile-appReview doctor profiles with the GeoBlue App. Locate medical facilities or fill a prescription.  Send the doctors office your ID care and review translated medical terms, schedule and appointment and view your medical records.  All available on your tablet or smart phone.  This is a global app, so use it anywhere!

Don’t be stranded by your Medical Insurance Company. GeoBlue Worldwide coverage for individuals, families, contractors, and employer groups for multinational companies.


  • Individual – Short-Term & Long-Term plans
  • Group – 2 or more employees – guarantee issue.
  • Student – Individual and Group Plans.

blue-cross-blue-shield-global-logoHere are examples of a long term policy:

geoblue-and-cigna-expat-benefits-2016Quote:    GeoBlue        Cigna Global

For Example, if you are from China, and have an EB-5 Visa, your GeoBlue policy works here in the U.S., it works as well when you are in China, and also works very well when in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Viet Nam or any other Asian country, regardless of how long each stay is.

Family members are also covered on your GeoBlue policy.  Even if you are living in the U.S. and your child is going to school and living in another location or country.

There are many risks when traveling abroad that need to be addressed.  
  • Who can assist, and who do you contact if you have a serious injury or illness.
  • Kidnapping and extortion of executives and employees, international students, and vacationing family members including children continues to be a growing global trend regardless of where you are.
  • Finding access to quality care, if an emergency strikes.
  • Crisis management – you need a team of experts to intervene and move in to organize your care, coordinate transportation needs and respond to critical issues during an emergency.
  • U.S. Group health insurance, Medicare or Workers Compensation do not provide any of these services to you or your family when outside the U.S.

Why is Global Health Insurance so critical for international travel?  First and foremost is access to hospital and doctor care. When you need care, emergency or non-emergency services, you need a plan backed by a company which is recognized or verifiable worldwide.  Most countries require either proof of local medical insurance or international medical insurance coverage.  Also, standards of hospitals and clinics vary greatly from country to country.

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