Micro Multinational Company International Medical Insurance

The nimble, aggressive and relatively new, Micro Multinational company are embracing the current international medical insurance concepts for their global employees.

For employees who are on longer foreign assignments, modernized global health plans are necessary to keep up with the transient culture of our workforce.

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The forward thinking international medical insurance carriers have global contracts with doctors, specialists, medical groups and hospital facilities in over 190 countries.  Coupled with mobile phone and tablet app’s which allow you to view doctor profiles, make appointments, download and forward you ID before the visit, fill prescriptions, translate common medical phrases, view regional and area common contagious illnesses and diseases.  View politically unstable parts of the world and see if you are near modernized medical care if you were to become ill or injured.

Traditional group health provides no help, advice or guidance while you are abroad.  Also, they are not able to help during an emergency, such as coordinate care, provide translators, help with risk management or med-evac you to a suitable hospital or country for care.

Some international medical companies are similar to Micro-Multinational companies in that they are nimble in their work space, forward thinking, aggressiveness in their specialized market and involved heavily with tech.

Be careful which company you use, some are undervalued and have a propensity to deny claims, others will underwrite at the time of claim and may determine the pre-existing condition is not covered.  While others are pro’s in their market and perform the way you feel they should.

The last thing a company needs is for an employee or employees for feel stranded, far from home if an emergency strikes.

Micro Multinationals depend on their quality global workforce when expanding their footprint, product and brand to other parts of the globe.

Short-term and long-term work assignments are necessary to establish the crucial relationships with foreign governments, cities, partner companies and vendors in the regions of the world for your desired expansion.

International Medical Insurance …

  • Comprehensive medical coverage worldwide
  • 24/7/365 member services hotline
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Hospital, outpatient, Rx, lab & x-ray, Dr. visits, maternity, dental, etc.
  • Crisis management services during emergency situation
  • Direct pay to doctors + hospitals so the employee doesn’t have to.
  • Access to over 1 million physicians and other medical provides worldwide
  • Unlimited annual and lifetime benefits

Micro-Multinational + International Medical = Happy Employee

Are independent contractors and freelancers part of your company makeup? That’s O.K, we have programs to serve the contractor, freelancer, third country national or any other situation or combination of your workforce

The confidence your employee will feel knowing they are covered with a comprehensive worldwide medical policy that follows them wherever they may be around the globe.

A case of the flu, maybe you need a vaccination, or sprained your ankle and need to get it checked out.  Need to refill a prescription .. no problem, we have you covered.  How about an annual physical or screening .. covered.  And the more serious situations also have you covered .. broken bone, surgery, appendicitis, car accident, heart attack or cancer treatment.

Who do your global employees call with medical issues?  HR or their group insurance company?  What if it’s late at night or on the weekend or holiday.  Will the group health customer service department be open, or even be able to help if they do?  Of course not.

Protect your company, protect your employees … with a comprehensive policy from Blue Cross Blue Shield Global, Cigna Global and GeoBlue.

Many companies are full of bureaucracy, procedures, and approval processes. The Micro Multinational is typically streamlined, quick to more and make decisions, much like the quality international medical insurance companies. Always innovating and looking for a more nimble approach to serving their customers.

Please contact me anytime with questions, I’m here to help with your unique situation.

John Conner

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Author: John Conner

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