Nano Multinational Company International Health Insurance

Nano Multinational Companies with an International Health insurance plan in force for their global employees are a step ahead.

Companies with a Global mindsetthey think across borders and have the confidence to innovate.  The same mindset must be maintained with the safety and care of their employees while traveling, working and living abroad.

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Nano Multinationals are innovative and forward thinking, which can also be said for international health insurance companies.

  • Tech Savy
  • Global mindset
  • Agile
  • Innovative

Nano Multinationals … often capitalizing on their ability to move quickly. In the past it was difficult for smaller companies to expand as they needed to understand local regulations and market dynamics, as well as identify new partners.

information was not readily available. Over the last 10 or 15 years, technology has made information and connections more readily available, and easier to acquire. Allowing companies the ability to research online and network across borders more easily. “If opportunities in a home market are hard to come by – international expansion offers greater opportunities for a companies products and operations.

Globalization has made it both easier and more attractive for smaller firms to operate internationally, rather than just domestically – whether that means establishing physical operations in overseas markets, sourcing goods from suppliers around the world or selling into foreign markets.

International Health Insurance …

With companies expanding their operations abroad, the employees who are working in foreign lands are put at greater risk for illness and or accident.  Unfamiliar with the town, city or country they are working in. Driving laws, local languages and cultures, regional illness or disease, medical practices, where is the nearest quality care if sick or injured.

All of these can lead to uncertainty.  What if a crisis occurs, who do you contact?  Will your group health company answer an international phone call?  What if you need help late at night or on the weekend. Will they answer then.  Of course not.

International health insurance is specifically designed for the global traveler. One person or an employer group plan of hundreds of employees.

It starts with …

  • A very comprehensive global medical plan, providing benefits that rival the best domestic health plans.
  • 24/7/365 access to member services for simple questions up to managing a crisis situation. Always available regardless of where you are worldwide.
  • Technology … the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet allows you to review doctors and hospitals in your area of the world, order prescriptions, schedule a doctors appointment, download a copy of your ID card and much more.
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation … if you are severely ill or injured, your international coverage will air transport you to the nearest hospital which can properly treat and care for your condition, often times to a different country or back to your home for care.  Domestic health insurance does not offer this coverage.

Human Resources (HR) don’t let your employees feel stranded by their domestic insurance when they are global.  International health insurance – a few days or several years.  Proper coverage for the employee, executive, contractor or owner.

A couple companies I recommend:  Blue Cross Blue Shield Global, and Cigna Global, both provide excellent coverage, service and have been working in the international community for decades.


John Conner

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Author: John Conner

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