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GeoBlue International Travel Health InsuranceInternational Medical Coverage for illness or accident. Designed for global travel for Expatriates, International Students, Employees, Contractors, Third Country Nationals, vacations or anyone; working, studying, traveling or living outside their home country borders.  Domestic health insurance or Medicare coverage typically provides little and often no coverage outside of a persons home country.

3 Reasons:

  1. Your domestic health insurance or Medicare, provides little and often no coverage outside of your home country.
  2. Emergency Medical Evacuation – in the event of a serious injury or illness, your GeoBlue International Medical Insurance policy will provide 24/7 concierge services which include global specialists coordinating your air or ground emergency transportation to the nearest facility which can treat your condition.  And that includes flying you to another country or back to your home country for care.  Domestic insurance will not coordinate these services or pay for the costs.  This is very important coverage.
  3. Find a local doctor, and one who speaks your language, fill a prescription, make a doctors appointment, maternity coverage, psychiatric care, see a specialist.  All of these services and more are included in a GeoBlue International Travel Insurance plan, along with much more.  And remember .. your domestic coverage doesn’t help with these services while abroad.


Domestic Health insurance companies are simply not designed to help clients abroad.  And typically provide no coverage while outside the U.S.

GeoBlue for example, has an elite network of doctors and hospitals from most every specialty ready to see you in over 180 countries.  And only a small fraction of doctors around the world meet GeoBlue’s exacting standards – participation is by invitation only.  We seek out professionals certified by the American or Royal Board of Medical Specialties who speak English, and they factor in recommendations by over 158 Physician Advisors from all over the world.

Technology has made it very easy to travel worldwide.  A few clicks on your Mobile phone or tablet, allows you to utilize the GeoBlue App anywhere in the world:  Find and access International doctors and hospitals.  Gain access to in-depth profiles and carefully selected doctors, dentists, hospital and clinics around the world.

Schedule appointments … Gain appointments on short notice with leading providers and have GeoBlue settle the claim directly.

Manage Your Claims … Print a claim form, submit a claim online or track the status of an existing claim.

Maintain Your Personal Profile … Download an ID card, view your plan benefits and edit your travel profile settings to receive customized information.

Other Key Member Services:

  • 24/7 Toll free or collect call assistance around the world.
  • Profiles of notable local pharmacies and travel clinics.
  • Translations tools for medications, as well as medical terms and phrases.
  • Emergency numbers, health and security risks, vaccination requirements, and news alerts.
  • Personal Health management tools including symptom checker and second opinion services.

There are many unique global insurance needs and coverage options.  Please contact me anytime with questions.

John Conner

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Author: John Conner

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