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Over 300,000 Chinese International Students now attend U.S. Universities, Colleges and High Schools each year, which is why International Student Medical Insurance plans are so important.

Are you a Chinese student traveling to the U.S. for a semester, the entire school year, or maybe several years?  Or are you a U.S. student traveling to China or any other part of the world for education?  If so, you will want to look at all of your “Medical Insurance” options.  Including an International Medical Insurance plan, which in many cases is the best choice.


Important Information – U.S. Affordable Care Act

At this time, there are no individual expatriate plans sold to Americans that meet the definition of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and thus meet the individual mandate. Why is this important to you? Because the plan you are applying for does not provide Minimum Essential Coverage and is filed as a limited duration policy designed specifically for international living. Coverage by the insurer can be: 1.accepted 2.accepted with a rate increase, or 3.denied based on the health history of the applicants(s).

  • U.S. citizens working and living abroad who are outside the states for 330 days or more in a 12-month period are not required to maintain MEC. In this instance, you are deemed to have met the individual mandate.
  • International Resident Students (Exemption) – there is no tax penalty applicable to J1, F1, M1 visa holders and other populations that meet one of the exemption categories related to the ACA individual mandate.

You and your family must either have a (MEC) health plan throughout the year, qualify for an exemption from coverage, or make a payment when you file your federal income tax return.

What is the tax penalty for a non MEC plan?

2015: The higher of $325 per person (up to 3 people, or $975) OR 2.0% of taxable income up to the penalty cap.
2016: The higher of $695 per person (up to 3 people, or $2,085) OR 2.5% of taxable income up to the penalty cap.
After 2016: The same as 2016, but adjusted annually for cost-of-living increases.

Most colleges and Universities will try to sell you their own medical insurance policy.  Be careful, because many require the student to first visit the school clinic for most of your medical care instead of being able to see private licensed physicians and specialists of your choice.  A GeoBlue International Health Insurance policy allows you to see any doctor or hospital worldwide and any of the “Blue Card” doctors in the U.S. which is nearly 90% of all doctors Nationwide.

To protect against unforeseen events that could result in long-term financial hardship, GeoBlue has established a medical travel insurance program to fit the needs of international students, teachers and faculty.

Many people falsely believe that their existing American health insurance policy will cover them worldwide.  This is not usually the case.  Confirm what coverage, if any, your current insurer provides in China.  Likewise for a person coming to America from another country, in most situations you will need an International/Travel health policy in place when you arrive to the U.S.

Whether you are a foreign national studying in the United States for several years or a U.S. citizen studying abroad, ‘Seven Corners’ is designed to protect you during your time away from home.

Why Choose GeoBlue …
  • U.S. license and admitted coverage
  • Cashless access to the best provider networks inside and outside the U.S.
  • Choice of deductible options – waived for office visits.
  • $30 office visit copay – reduced to $10 outside the U.S.
  • Coinsurance waived for care outside the U.S.
  • Pre-existing conditions exclusion waived with prior creditable coverage.
  • No waiting period associated with preventative services.
  • No exclusion for specified conditions in the first 6 months.
  • No pre-certification penalty imposed.
  • Sports and alcohol related injuries covered.
  • GeoBlue has been providing international medical and travel insurance to citizens of all countries since 1993.
  • Student Plans and benefits are specifically designed and priced for international students.
  • 24 hour Assistance services ready to assist in locating proper medical care when you are traveling away from home.

Coverage Period … A few months or several years.  GeoBlue for all of your International medical insurance needs.

Emergency Evacuation … Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation means: a) your medical condition warrants immediate transportation from the place where you are located (due to inadequate medical facilities) to the nearest adequate medical facility where medical Treatment can be obtained; or b) after being treated at a local medical facility, your medical condition warrants transportation with a qualified medical attendant to your Home Country to obtain further medical treatment or to recover; or c) both a) and b) above.

Great Service … Working in multiple time zones, languages and with numerous currencies are not obstacles for us.  We maintain an international staff for our international client base.  Our claims specialists and multilingual customer service professionals work seamlessly with you in order to communicate without any issues.

U.S. Provider Network (U.S. Citizens traveling Abroad) … GeoBlue has access to doctors and hospitals in over 180 countries worldwide.  With one phone call, we can assist you in locating a physician in order to receive the care you need.  Additionally, GeoBlue Assist is trained to reach outside of our network in order to locate the care you need as quickly as possible.

International Network (Foreign Nationals visiting the U.S. … When you are in the United States, you have the ability to use any medical provider including the “Blue Card” network nationwide.

Call or email anytime with questions. 

John Conner

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