Qatar Expatriate International Medical Insurance

Moving to Qatar or already live there?  An Expat moving to Qatar for the short-term or even the long-term will need an Expat Travel Insurance or International Health Insurance to properly care for their medical expenses while in country.  If an emergency strikes, the plan must include “emergency medical evacuation.”  This is a must for any international travel for individuals, families, students and missionaries.

Expat Health Insurance Must Include … Emergency Evac coverage provides services for when you need to be moved by ground or air to the nearest facility which can properly care for your illness or injury.  In Qatar or out, you will be transported to the best care available.

The Qatar Health System is increasingly under strain, and with long waits for treatment now
commonplace. This means that many expats opt for private health care for themselves and dependents, which can provide needed flexibility and ease when seeking basic care and even complex operations, compared to the government system currently in place.

Qatar has the highest GDP per capita in the world as of 2012, according to the CIA World Fact book and approximately 14% of households are dollar millionaires.  With a population of nearly 2 million, It relies heavily on foreign labor to grow its economy, to the extent that migrant workers comprise 94% of the workforce.  The economic growth of Qatar has been almost exclusively based on its petroleum and natural gas industries, and is the leading exporter of liquefied natural gas.  In 2012, it was estimated that Qatar would invest over $120 billion in the energy sector in the next ten years.

The International Health insurance plans are comprehensive medical plans which include inpatient hospital coverage along with outpatient doctor visits, lab and X-ray, preventive care visits and prescription drugs, along with the emergency evacuation coverage everyone should have when away from your home country.

  • Quick Quote – Expats moving or currently living in Qatar

Other companies to compare:  GeoBlue   –   Cigna

There are usually many available options for the world traveler.  So feel free to call anytime regarding which company, plan and coverage package will work best for your situation.  I’m here to help, so please feel free to call or email anytime with questions.

Also, enrolling in any of the above International Health Insurance plans is quick and simple.  Call today!!

John Conner

Author: John Conner

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